Nutrition Services


Workplace and Athletic Teams


Workplace: Set up a lunch time seminar for you and your employees! I’ll come in and cover the basics of healthy eating and give you some workplace strategies for fueling your body with nutrient dense food. The first seminar is on me!

Athletic Teams: The next step to improving your teams abilities could be nutrition! More than ever athletes are focusing on what they put into their bodies. This seminar can be for the athletes and/or the parents. Game day nutrition, fueling performance and healthy snacking are some of the topics covered in the seminar. The first seminar is on me!

Online Programs

Nutrition Repo: Reclaim Your Health


Nutrition Repo is a 45 day, online nutrition and lifestyle program that will walk you through reclaiming your health step by step. Every morning you will receive an email in your inbox that includes encouragement, resources, and knowledge to help you on the road to optimal health. The 45 days include safely limiting/eliminating common food irritants, increasing nutrient-dense food, and helping you discover an individual approach that is sustainable for your lifestyle. The program also covers topics such as sleep, hormones, and exercise. You will be held accountable through the Nutrition Repo private Facebook group, and will be able to communicate with me throughout the entire program. It’s time to reclaim your health and maybe have a little fun along the way! You can read more about it here.

$45+tax (and registration fee)

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 1 on 1 Consultation

Carrot Program


The Carrot Program- Perfect for those who are on the right track and are looking for further guidance. This 4 week program will determine what sustainable changes need to be made to your diet to further improve your health. Your individualized goals will be the base of the program!

· Initial 1 hour assessment
· Diet analysis
· Goal Setting
· Client Handbook
· 3×30 min check ins
· Accessibility via email


Beet Program


The Beet Program- If your serious about making a lifestyle change, this is the package for you! This 6 week program comes with a flexible meal plan template, making your food choices easy. It also comes with a 30min check in every week to help keep you accountable and adjust the program as needed. Your individualized goals will be the base of the program!

· Initial 1 hour assessment
· 2xDiet Analysis (beginning and end)
· Goal setting
· Client Handbook
· 5x30min check ins
· Accessibility via email
· Flexible Meal Planning Template


Add-on Details
1×1/2 hour check in – $49+HST
5×1/2 hour check ins – $199+HST


Data Analysis Check-up $99+HST
· Diet Analysis
· 1 hour Consultation



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