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Hi! My name is Charity Elliott. I am a certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer! I have spent the past 10 years working in the health and fitness industry and have helped hundreds of women reclaim their health! I am some excited to be announcing my signature course Nourish & Flourish!

You’ve tried it all. The diets, the 80 day fitness challenges and the supplements. You always see some success at the beginning but over time you find the changes unsustainable and slowly watch the gains that you made disappear.

After working with hundreds of women, I came to the realization that, more often than not, many of the health and fitness companies marketing to women are not in it to help. They are in it to create a problem and then sell you the solution. What a load of crap!

That’s why I created this program, Nourish & Flourish is built on research and sustainable habits. I’m not preaching a quick fix, lose 20lb, drink this blood sugar stabilizer program. I am preaching the truth. It’s time to reclaim your health!

Nourish & Flourish is a 6-week program, Next round starting October 2020, dedicated to helping women pursue optimal health without fad diets or extreme fitness plans. Instead I will lead you on a 6-week journey that involves scientifically backed fitness plans, educated nutrition advice and the knowledge you need to reclaim your health


6-weeks of effective at home workouts with video tutorials, and tracking abilities, through the TrainHeroic app.

Ongoing group nutrition counselling. I will help you find what works best for you!

Access to recipes, meal guide templates and the Practice Better app food diary.

Weekly live masterminds run by yours truly! Masterminds are where you, and other participants, can share your victories, struggles and questions!

Weekly emails containing nutrition and fitness tips. We will cover topics such as weight-loss, strength training, diet culture and so much more!

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I am only accepting 15 participants, don’t miss this chance to be part of something amazing <3