About Charity


 Welcome to Eatreal4life! My name is Charity Elliott. If you are passionate about your health, you have come to the right place. I struggled with serious health issues for years. A diagnosis of celiac disease and the implementation of a gluten free diet had helped, but I was still very sick. I believed if I worked out enough, and occasionally ate a vegetable, I would be healthy. The more I learned, the more I could apply to my own health. I began to see improvements and now am a completely different person. The realization that lives could be changed through nutrition led me to leave a job I loved, to pursue a nutrition diploma that would compliment my Exercise Science Degree. 

   My education ,and own personal experience, led me to see that many people don’t understand how important their health is. We may believe that how we feel is out of our control and that the only way to fix a health problem is through medication. This blog is designed to educate and motivate you to continue working on your health, and to NEVER give up hope that you can beat the battle you are fighting to gain back your health!