Your Period is a GIFT!

I know, you have probably never been told that in your entire life. You’re probably wondering what the heck is wrong with this woman that she would call my period a gift. Listen to me, you have been lied too. You have been told that your period is icky, that it shouldn’t be talked about and […]

I Am A Woman

Today I am thankful to be a woman in a country that sees my value. I am thankful to have the privilege to pursue my dreams. I am thankful to have the privilege to eat three meals a day. I am thankful to have the privilege to raise my children in a country not torn […]

Laying The Foundations Of Gut Health: A Birth Story

Dave and I got pregnant November 2017 and were beyond thrilled because it was something we had wanted for so long. We delayed starting a family because Dave was finishing up school but then, when he graduated and wasn’t able to find work, we decided to take that leap of faith and just try. To […]

Alice Jazmin: A Birth Story Part 1

At the beginning of my pregnancy my dream was to have an at home birth. I trusted my body and felt that a home birth would give my baby its best start at life. My midwife talked me out of it, saying it was better to be cautious and have first babies at the hospital. […]

Pure Anada Make-up: Naturally Beautiful

This is not a sponsored post. I only recommend products I have tested myself and have full faith in. When I stumbled across Pure Anada it sounded too good to be true. I scrolled through their products and had a hard time believing that they could be ethical, organic and Canadian while also being affordable. […]

Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks

Hello All, When I first got pregnant I planned on posting regular updates….HAHA. These 7 months have flown by, I can’t believe we get to meet this little munchkin in 8 weeks. In some ways I’m ready and in other ways I am cherishing these last two months of just Dan and I.