How To Stuff The Turkey Without Stuffing Yourself

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! It has all the great food and visiting that Christmas has, but with less fuss and no presents (aka less stress). Before the weekend is upon us I want to help you strategize your Thanksgiving nutrition. I’m not going to tell you NOT to eat something, we all […]

Eatreal4life Free Food Guide

Last week I talked about the Canadian Food Guide. This week I’m sharing my own food guide! I’ve created an infographic to help simplify. Feel free to share with a friend! I want to address one of the main differences between my food guide and the government’s. The government still recommends a high carb/low fat […]

A Review Of The Current Canadian Food Guide

Two years ago I wrote a post review the Canadian Food Guide, at that time the new food guide was in the works but had not been releases. That post has been my most popular post, by A LOT. I figured it was about time I review the current food guide. When the new guide […]

Why I Stopped Counting Macros

This is a topic I’ve been sitting on for a while. Counting macros is a very popular eating lifestyle, and I have many friends who do it. Last year I decided to try it and since then have changed my food philosophy. What is counting macros/IIFYM? IIFYM stands for if it fits your macros. If […]

Why I Don’t Like Cheat Meals

I hear it all the time. I’ll be working out or talking to someone about nutrition, and they will say, “On Saturdays I have a cheat meal/day.” It drives me crazy. Not because I don’t think having a treat is important, but because I dislike the implications that come with “cheat.” “Cheat Meal” implies that […]