How full is your fitness savings account?

We all know what a savings account at the bank is but what is a fitness savings account? Your fitness savings account is the result of years of accumulation of choosing to move your body. Maybe you’ve googled “How do I increase my fitness?” or “How do I lose weight?” Both are questions I receive […]

Three Day Gluten Free Meal Guide

Have you recently been diagnosed with Celiac disease? Maybe you’ve stumbled across a gluten intolerance and you’re not sure what your next steps should be. I have worked with hundreds of clients who were just starting out on their gluten-free journey. It’s not easy. Many of the gluten-free products contain added gums, preservatives and sweeteners! […]

No, You Are Not “Fine”

I am tired of new clients telling me a health professional told them they are “fine.” Not because I’m tired of the clients, because I’m tired of people being ignored by their health care practitioner. Most of these clients have the same health issues including chronic fatigue, poor sleep and poor digestion. One of my […]

Kurbo: Not The Solution To Childhood Obesity

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Weight Watchers created a weight-loss app for kids. Where do I even begin. I thought we were moving away from the scale and towards whole body health. Weight is a very small piece of the picture when it comes to health. Many people, of “normal” weight, still have high […]

My Top 3 Tips For Healthy Gluten-Free Living

These days it seems like everyone is going gluten-free. While a gluten-free diet is medicinal for some, it has become a very popular fad in North America. Many people are jumping on the gluten free bandwagon hoping to lose weight. As a nutritionist I do see the benefit in a gluten-free diet. For many people […]

Kerri Mclean: Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle

  For the past four years I have been in the process of learning to live a healthier lifestyle, this includes diet and exercise.  At first I did not realize what “living a healthy lifestyle” even meant.  To me, it was eating less junk food and going to the gym.  Or I thought as long […]