Crispy Salmon Cakes (DF/GF)

This is one of my favourite recipes! Canned fish is often one of the only affordable ways families can afford seafood, especially if you live somewhere more rural like I do. Salmon is an excellent source of protein and Omega 3’s. Omega 3’s are an essential fatty acid that many of us do not consume […]

Mini Egg Yolk Pancakes

As a dairy and gluten free family I find breakfast is the trickiest meal of the day. If you think about all the classic breakfast foods they almost always contain gluten or dairy, and usually it’s both. These mini egg yolk pancakes are a great way to get some healthy fats, namely omega 3’s, into […]

Strawberry Summer Salsa

Looking for the perfect appetizer for your summer BBQ’s? Look no further!   You will need: 1 cup of diced strawberries 1/2 cup of diced red onion 1/2 cup of dice cucumber 1/4 cup of diced jalapeño 1 TBSP of lemon juice 1 sprig of finely chopped cilantro Garlic powder and salt to season Ready […]

How full is your fitness savings account?

We all know what a savings account at the bank is but what is a fitness savings account? Your fitness savings account is the result of years of accumulation of choosing to move your body. Maybe you’ve googled “How do I increase my fitness?” or “How do I lose weight?” Both are questions I receive […]

Choosing the Right Nutrition Professional for Your Needs

I follow a lot of nutrition professionals on Instagram. I like to stay current and pay attention to the ideas/diets being shared with the general public. It’s overwhelming to say the least. You may be wondering, what is the difference between a dietician and a nutritionist? What is the difference between an influencer selling meal […]

A Nutritionists Tips For Eating Out

We all enjoy a night out of dining in a nice restaurant and enjoying whatever we want! There is nothing wrong with that! These tips are for those who eat out frequently or are looking to find nourishing options when eating out. The following four tips are what I suggest my clients who travel, or […]