Your Period is a GIFT!

I know, you have probably never been told that in your entire life. You’re probably wondering what the heck is wrong with this woman that she would call my period a gift.┬áListen to me, you have been lied too. You have been told that your period is icky, that it shouldn’t be talked about and […]

Let’s Talk About Those Weight-Gain Quarantine Memes

The memes about gaining weight during quarantine are everywhere. I’ve laughed out loud at a few of them but at the same time I don’t love the message they are sending. I’m not saying we shouldn’t post them, humour is more important than ever, but I do think we need to be careful what thoughts […]

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Sanity During a Pandemic

I am day 8 into self-isolation/social distancing. The first 5 days were really nice, enjoyable even. I am used to a very fast paced of life chasing after a 15 month old and juggling an average of 15 nutrition clients at any given time. I still have the toddler but many of my clients have […]

How’s Your Health Savings Account?

This concept has been shared in a variety of ways. I’ve heard dozens of doctors, nutritionists and business owners reiterate it before and it is something I strongly believe in! Almost 3 years into my practice and I have worked with hundreds of clients through one on one and group work. The most common barrier […]

Weeding Through The “Professionals”

I follow a lot of nutrition professionals on Instagram. I like to stay current and pay attention to the ideas/diets being shared with the general public. It’s overwhelming to say the least. One of the professionals I follow believes all people should be on the carnivore diet. He claims that back in our hunter gatherer […]

A Nutritionists Tips For Eating Out

Listen, we all enjoy going out and eating what we enjoy! There is nothing wrong with that! These tips are for those who eat out frequently or are looking to find healthier options when eating out. You can absolutely still eat a Big Mac when you want to, I’m not trying to food shame anyone! […]