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How’s Your Health Savings Account?

This concept has been shared in a variety of ways. I’ve heard dozens of doctors, nutritionists and business owners reiterate it before and it is something I strongly believe in!

Almost 3 years into my practice and I have worked with hundreds of clients through one on one and group work. The most common barrier I see, between a client and success, is a diet mentality. They want to place restrictions on themselves, thinking it will help them stay accountable, but ultimately they set themselves up to fail over and over again.

Think of your health like you would a savings account. Money doesn’t just appear in the account, you have to work hard for every single dollar! When a big expense comes along you can rest assure knowing you saved up! If you have an unpaid sick day do you quit your job? No! You go back to work the next day to keep making money.

Health is the same. One baby step at a time will help you build up your health account. When something big comes along , like illness or extreme stress, you’ve built up your account and it will help you get through it. When you have a day that you don’t consider “healthy” you shouldn’t just throw in the towel and let the whole week go down the drain, you should think of the next baby step you can take towards health.

I ate pizza two nights ago. I chose it and I enjoyed it. The next morning I chose a smoothie full of nutritious whole foods, I enjoyed it. Both these choices fit with my health goal of fueling my body while also enjoying less than nutritious foods once in a while because I want to.

Helping people find what works best for them is what I do, letting go of a diet mentality is a big part of that!

Are you self sabotaging yourself? Are you ready to embrace food freedom and find what works best for you? I can help! Fill out the form below

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