A Nutritionists Tips For Eating Out

Listen, we all enjoy going out and eating what we enjoy! There is nothing wrong with that! These tips are for those who eat out frequently or are looking to find healthier options when eating out. You can absolutely still eat a Big Mac when you want to, I’m not trying to food shame anyone!

The following four tips are what I suggest my clients who travel, or prefer to eat out, try to follow 80% of the time.

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4 tips for eating out

1. Skip the fast food. It is next to impossible to find a healthy meal at most fast food restaurants. Even the so called healthy options at McDonalds aren’t much better for you than a Big Mac.

2. The first step at any restaurant is to inform the waiting staff of any special dietary needs such as being gluten or dairy free. Many restaurants train their staff to handle guests with special dietary needs. Many of them even offer a special menu.

3. Meat and Veggies! You cant go wrong with a steak and steamed vegetables. This may not be what your eyes notice first on the menu, but you will thank yourself later! Fish is another great option!

4. Substitutions! Most restaurants are happy to provide substitutions. Some healthy substitutions would look like as follows:

  • Baked Sweet potato instead of Fries 
  • Olive oil and vinegar instead of salad dressing
  • Lettuce Wrap instead of Burger Bun
  • Grilled chicken instead of fried or breaded 
  • Wrap instead of a sand-which

Eating out can still fit with your goals, it just takes a little extra effort!

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