A Nutritionists Tips For Eating Out

We all enjoy a night out of dining in a nice restaurant and enjoying whatever we want! There is nothing wrong with that! These tips are for those who eat out frequently or are looking to find nourishing options when eating out.

The following four tips are what I suggest my clients who travel, or prefer to eat out, use as a guideline


4 tips for eating out

1. Look for build your own bowls/sub options! Places like Subway, Freshii, Qdoba and Chipotle make it easy to build a meal that contains all the components you needs to feel your best! You can also avoid deep fried food this way which is one of the main considerations when trying to improve the wualit

2. The first step at any restaurant is to inform the waiting staff of any special dietary needs such as being gluten or dairy free. Many restaurants train their staff to handle guests with special dietary needs. Many of them even offer a special menu.

3. Meat and Veggies! You cant go wrong with a steak and steamed vegetables. Add a starchy carb for maximum satisfaction!

4. Substitutions! Most restaurants are happy to provide substitutions. Asking for a nutrient dense substitution can take a meal form “meh” to “yeah!” I often request extra veggies on the side!

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