Three Day Gluten Free Meal Guide

Have you recently been diagnosed with Celiac disease? Maybe you’ve stumbled across a gluten intolerance and you’re not sure what your next steps should be.

I have worked with hundreds of clients who were just starting out on their gluten-free journey. It’s not easy. Many of the gluten-free products contain added gums, preservatives and sweeteners! Simply going gluten-free is not the answer to most peoples health issues. Rather, a whole food approach that eliminates gluten containing foods and provides your body with the nutrients it needs to heal.

I know how difficult this is! I have been gluten free for over 12 years. When I first went gluten-free I fell into the trap of buying all the gluten free products. I bought the bread, cookies and pizza crusts. I found they upset my stomach and increased my fatigue,

It wasn’t until I had learned about how food works in the body that I understood what my body needed. Our bodies need a variety of whole foods to function optimally.

I thought I would help you get started with this Three Day Gluten Free Meal Guide:

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