No! you are not fine

No, You Are Not “Fine”

I am tired of new clients telling me a health professional told them they are “fine.” Not because I’m tired of the clients, because I’m tired of people being ignored by their health care practitioner. Most of these clients have the same health issues including chronic fatigue, poor sleep and poor digestion. One of my clients was told that being exhausted was “normal” when your a mom. Another client was told there was NOTHING she could do to improve a condition caused by an autoimmune disease. Both were made to feel they needed to accept their symptoms as a normal part of their life.

Unfortunately being “normal” isn’t such a good thing. Being normal in North America means there is a good chance you are overweight, nutrient deficient and diagnosed with a chronic disease. Both of the above clients made huge improvements in only a month with dietary changes. Something so simple, yet neither of them were told that a change in diet would help them.

I recently had another client come to me who was struggling with her weight. No matter what she tried she could not lose any weight. Her doctor told her it was just her genetics and did not offer her any help. Our health care system is FAILING these people.

So what can we do about it? Expect more, ask for more. Don’t let anyone brush you off. You know your body better than ANYONE. Seek out people that will listen to you and work with you on finding a solution. INVEST in your health!

Throughout my own health journey my symptoms were often ignored or chalked up to being a teenager. I was very ill. I had lost over 30lbs in a month, I was constantly running to the bathroom, I suffered from insomnia and I could barely keep my eyes open at school. It took a year of fighting, and advocating, before I got close to a diagnosis.

If I hadn’t listened to my gut I would be on a medication that I do not need and I would not have found the right answer. Respect your health professional but don’t be afraid to ask questions if you feel something isn’t adding up!

My goal with every client is to use every resource I can to help them feel their best. If they tell me they have a headache, I believe them. If they tell me they feel bloated after they eat, I believe them. Not only do I believe them, I work with them on improving their health so that these symptoms are lessened or completely eliminated. I don’t have all the answers, but I believe in listening to my clients.

If you don’t feel fine, you are not fine.

If you think something is off, it is.

If you’ve been made to feel like you are crazy, you are not!

Do not give up!I believe you.

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