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My Top 3 Tips For Healthy Gluten-Free Living

These days it seems like everyone is going gluten-free. While a gluten-free diet is medicinal for some, it has become a very popular fad in North America. Many people are jumping on the gluten free bandwagon hoping to lose weight.

As a nutritionist I do see the benefit in a gluten-free diet. For many people it help reduces inflammation, improve digestion and increase energy. On the flip side, most people don’t know how to make healthy gluten-free choices. Candy, potato chips and ice cream are a few of the foods that are often gluten-free but provide the body with no nutritional benefit.

Today I want to share my top 3 tips for living a healthy gluten-free life!

#1: Choose Naturally Gluten-Free Foods

When someone first goes gluten-free it can be tempting to look for replacements for all their favorite gluten filled foods. They stock their fridge with gluten free pizza, bread and treats. While this can help with the transition, there comes a times when all those chemical laden foods start to catch up with you. A majority of your diet should be made up of naturally gluten-free foods such as vegetables, fruit, meat and gluten-free grains. There are no shortage of nutrient dense gluten-free recipes on the internet. Searching terms like “paleo” will help you find recipes that are focused on veggies and meat.

#2: Find A Few Staple Products

With so many gluten-free products available it can feel overwhelming when it comes time to shop. I suggest finding a company that uses quality ingredients and investing in their products.Keep your pantry stocked so that you don’t find yourself dreaming of your past gluten filled life. Natura Market and Thrive Market are two great online one stop shops that carry some great nutrient dense gluten-free options. My personal favorite brand is Simple Mills.

#3: Read EVERY Ingredient Label

Labeling for gluten containing products has improved but I still find it hiding in the strangest places. Make sure to check all your beauty products, cleaning products and condiments. These are very common secret hiding places of gluten. Shampoo is the one that surprised me the most, your skin can absorb the gluten particles from beauty products and you will have gluten in your system.

Not sure how to get started on your gluten-free journey? Drop me an email at

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