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Dear Instagram Influencer: Stop Telling Me How To Get Fit

I’ve been in a writing slump. With multiple projects on the go, a 14 week old baby and a husband who is in the middle of a busy maple syrup season I think I can cut myself some slack. So I’m just going to write about whatever tickles my fancy for a while. This week that fancy is sharing my true feelings about the many fitness models/influencers I see on Instagram. The women/men trying to sell you their product/program. Some of them are valid but most of them are not qualified to be telling you what to eat!

Diets Sell. Abs Sell. Sex Sells.

Unfortunately the physique focused world we live in pushes people in the fad diet direction. Diets sell. Abs sell. Sex Sells. All of these things are used to prey on your vulnerable view of yourself until your signed up for the next new thing. I too get caught up in it. I just had a baby, of course I want to look the way I did before. I could follow one of the many popular influencers who lost all their baby weight 12 weeks post-partum. I could easily cut calories and do hours of cardio until I’m back to pre-baby weight, but would that be sustainable? Would that be healthy? Would that help me long term?

Multi-Level Marketing Harassment

Don’t even get me started on the friends/influencers/models that are trying to shove diets and exercise down our throats. I have had many people across social platforms ask me to be a part of their supplement/exercise/marketing team for one multi-level marketing company or another. Often they are aggressive and don’t take no thank-you for an answer. I have no beef with them helping people get healthy, I do have a beef with them constantly badgering someone until they cave. Starting someone on a nutrition/exercise regime that they are not ready for is unfair. I don’t have anyone messaging me trying to sell me a pair of shoes I don’t want in the first place. When I want/need a new pair of shoes I will go to the shoe store and get a pair. Don’t let anyone guilt you, or hound you, into something you don’t want to do. You will not be successful until you are ready to be successful. I have had people contact me because their spouse forced them too, I don’t take them on as clients until I know that they are doing it for them self. I can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

Abs Don’t Make You Qualified

Just because somebody else has had success on (insert fad diet here) doesn’t mean they are qualified to advise you. You should always seek out a professional opinion when it comes to diet and exercise. These days every second person on Instagram claims to be a health and fitness professional, do your homework before you choose who to follow. Abs don’t make you qualified to write exercise programs any more than having a baby makes you qualified to deliver other peoples babies.

Five Tips For Choosing A Coach

Now that you all know exactly how I feel, I want to give you some tips for choosing a nutrition/fitness coach.

  1. Choose someone with a background in health. Have they helped other people sustain a better lifestyle? Are they preaching health vs. physique? Do they have insurance? If they have insurance that tells you they have at least have some form of education.
  2. Be wary of supplements. At the end of the day supplements are an add on. Unless we are talking about vitamins, you don’t need what they are selling. If they tell you that you can only have success if you are on their supplements, get out of there quick!
  3. Look for sustainability. Calorie restricted diets, extreme fad diets and prepared food plans are not sustainable, or healthy, for most people. You should be able to access/prepare everything you need within your own home. You don’t need to pay double the price to have someone portion your food for you. I’m not talking about companies that you can order meals from. I’m talking about companies that want you to sign up for 30-60 day prepared food plans where you eat only what what they send you.
  4. Say no to short-cuts. There is no short cut to health. There is no supplements, no tea, no exercise regime and no person that can speed up the process. Health takes time, effort and patience. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. No 21 day fix will work long term
  5. Go with your gut. As human beings we are pretty good at spotting a fake. Look at their website. Read their blog posts. Talk to their previous/current clients. Find a good fit for you. There is no one size fits all.

Your health is worth investing time and money. Just make sure your not wasting both of those on the wrong diet/regime. You deserve better.

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