#SweatingForTheWedding: You Got This

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! This post is going to be a little different than the previous three: not as long (yay, right?), and less wedding stuff (I know, sad). I’m going to start with the wedding, and combine the wellness and workout sections.


I recently went to Texas to visit my fiancé, his family, and a few friends. It was a great week! I left Canada at -21C and landed in +15C weather in Texas. It was amazing! Coming back up north was really hard, not only because Austin and I are starting another 3.5 months apart, but because it’s -30C and we have WAY MORE snow than when I left.

I didn’t do a whole lot of wedding planning while I was there, but I did accomplish a few things. While Austin was at work I researched flights, hotels, and transportation for our honeymoon to Italy. It felt surreal looking all of this up, knowing we’ll be there in 6.5 months. I’m so excited! My last day there we went and picked out our wedding bands! It took me a while to get used to having one ring on my left hand (I used to rarely wear rings), so trying on a second was even weirder. But the rings are SO beautiful!

Wellness & Workouts

I can understand why people get frustrated when they can’t see results after putting in a lot of work to reach their goals. You see yourself in the mirror everyday, and that makes it difficult to notice any physical changes. Kind of like the frog who doesn’t realize he’s boiling to death because he doesn’t notice the gradual increase in temperature.

My goal was to feel better: have more energy, less bloating, and healthier skin. Not long after I made some changes per Charity’s recommendations last summer, I noticed the internal changes. I felt so much better, was less bloated, had less breakouts, and wasn’t as tired all the time. I was hoping physical changes would follow not long after. I knew I had to put in the work for that to happen, and I did. I never skipped a workout, ate pretty well, slept enough each night, but still didn’t notice any of the toning I was expecting. Turns out, I wasn’t seeing any changes because change takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. It took well over 4 months to notice small changes in my body.

People who hadn’t seen me in months noticed that I was more toned and had lost some weight. I don’t own a scale so whenever I visit my family I weigh myself. Little did I know, I had lost 15lbs in six months. My goal from the start wasn’t to lose any weight, it’s just a positive side effect to changing my eating habits, following a workout plan, and getting enough sleep. I can’t stress that enough. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep!

My goal for this post is to tell you to keep putting in the work. Eat well. Give each workout 110%. Never give up on yourself. And allow yourself a treat every once in a while. If you don’t, you’ll end up bingeing and feeling even worse. When I look at the two pictures above side by side, I can’t believe the difference (shout out to Megan, who just happens to be in both pictures, and as you can see has also lost weight!). Change takes time. Don’t get discouraged when you don’t see any after a few months. Keep going. I can say with confidence that it’s worth it. I feel SO good, and I couldn’t have done it without Charity’s help. Anything she had me do was easy to add or change to my routine. There were no drastic measures I had to take to get where I am today. I’m excited to see what other changes will occur by continuing with #sweatingforthewedding


Some cool news to end this post with — on February 9th I’ll be taking over Charity’s Instagram! So follow charityelliottnutrition to learn about my daily routine (the supplements I take, my workouts, what I eat, etc.) and how I stay committed. You don’t want to miss it!

Don’t forget: You. Got. This.


Are you getting married this year? I can help you be your healthiest self! Email eatreal4life@gmail.com or call 705-257-6499 for more information!

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