A Familiar New Years Tale

It’s January 1st, you spring out of bed ready to start the diet that will finally result in the weight loss you’ve been trying to achieve for years. You write out the rules and put them on your fridge. You envision how you will look in your new bathing suit when you go on your February cruise. If you could just lose these last 20lbs, you know you will be happy.

A week into your new diet and things are going well. Sure, you couldn’t have birthday cake at your sons birthday but it will be worth it. Your clothes feel a little looser and you feel it has well been worth the effort and hunger you’ve been feeling.

2 weeks in and your getting kind of bored of having to add up points, eat the same dinner everyday and skip going out for lunch with your friends. You get invited to a friends engagement party and your excited to go but know you wont be able to eat any of the food. You eat your lowered calorie dinner and vow to only drink water at the party. You arrive and everyone is having such a good time, what could one drink hurt. One drink leads to one appetizer, which leads to one dessert, which leads to another appetizer. Before you know it you are full to the brim but at this point why stop. By the time you get home you are nauseous and feel the guilt setting in. All your hard work is ruined, why did you even try in the first place. You decide your just not disciplined enough to be successful,  maybe next year you will be different. 

The story above is a story I have heard over and over again from new clients. They come to me feeling hopeless and defeated. Their dreams of feeling confident in their bodies have been squashed, even worse they feel worse than when they started dieting. Years of on again/off again diets have taken their toll. They are nutrient deficient and their bodies have become efficient at burning as little calories as possible to keep them alive, making it difficult for them to lose weight.

On January 14th another Nutrition Repo will be starting. Nutrition Repo is a 45 day all online program focused on helping you make a lifestyle change rather than hopping on another diet bandwagon. Previous participants have had positive results such as weight loss, improved sleep, decreased acne, increased energy and improved mood. Throughout the 45 days I will guide you through three phases:

  1. Introduction/Knowledge: The first week is spent learning about how food affects your body. We will cover common inflammatory foods and help you identify which foods may be hindering you. We will also talk about incorporating nutrient dense food into your everyday life.
  2. Elimination: As daunting as it sounds, an elimination diet will help you identify common food allergies/intolerances. Not ready for that? You can choose from three different levels with level 1 being beginner friendly and focused on limiting sugar and junk food.
  3. Reintroduction: The final phase is all about reintroducing the eliminated foods so that you can observe their effects on your body.

Every morning you will receive an email in your inbox with either a tip, encouraging word or piece of knowledge that will help you stay committed. You will also be added to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and communicate with other participants.

Make 2019 the year you made a real sustainable change for the better, you owe it to yourself.

Sign up: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/nutrition-repo-reclaim-your-health-january-2019-tickets-45937774119?fbclid=IwAR2hIjZp1-Rv-o-a7Cvr5Javpdo71CDob6XaqWPpqdZ_OyymRSqwfxE9RQs

Have Questions? Email eatreal4life@gmail.com

Charity <3

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