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Pure Anada Make-up: Naturally Beautiful

This is not a sponsored post. I only recommend products I have tested myself and have full faith in.

When I stumbled across Pure Anada it sounded too good to be true. I scrolled through their products and had a hard time believing that they could be ethical, organic and Canadian while also being affordable. I ordered my samples and anxiously awaited their arrival. I was hopeful I would find a brand I could recommend to my clients.

When my samples arrived I was impressed by the packaging, this was not a knock off company. I started experimenting with their foundation, concealer, lipstick, blush, eye shadow and mascara. I could find no fault with any of the products and had no skin reactions to any of them.

I am a very low maintenance girl. I like being able to roll out of bed, run a comb through my hair and head out the door. I’ve always felt like a fake when wearing make-up, like I was covering up who I was. With Pure Anada I feel like I am enhancing who I am as a person rather than hiding what makes me unique. Most days I apply the foundation and blush, that’s it! It smooths out my skin and brings color to my cheeks. At 37 weeks pregnant I can honestly say that Pure Anada has helped me remain confident in my changing body knowing I can always go out with a glowing face. When attending a special event I add in their luminous shadow, natural mascara and lipstick for a more polished look.

Some of the main reasons I LOVE Pure Anada:

  1. Hypoallergenic (for real!):As someone who has struggled with skin issues her whole life, I had worried that the products might cause me to break out or have an allergic reaction. I have been using Pure Anada every day for 6 months and I can assure you that my skin has never been better. 
  2. Organic Ingredients: In a world full of chemicals, the last place we need to be putting more chemicals is on our skin. Pure Anada’s commitment to organically sourced ingredients puts my mind at ease knowing that I am doing no harm to my body when using their products. I can also rest easy that I am not going to be causing any harm when I give Baby Elliott kisses and snuggles. 
  3. Gluten Free: As a woman with Celiac disease this has been one of my greatest struggles when it comes to beauty products. Many of the organic make-up companies have products that contain oats, barley and wheat. All three of these grains contain gluten making it difficult for me to find a product I can trust. Pure Anada’s products are all gluten free!
Photo Credit: Andie Fraser|Make-up: Pure Anada

I am very picky about the companies I endorse but after trying Pure Anada I knew  I had to share it with others. You can purchase samples/products at 

Enjoy! <3


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