3 Tips For Beating The Winter Blues

I can’t believe it is already November. Time is FLYING by. There are two months out of the year that I would happily skip, one of them is November and the other is January. I would happily hibernate through both if possible. Why? Winter has never been my thing. You can tell me to get over it all you want but I DO NOT like winter. I am a summer girl who needs sunshine to feel her very best.

For years I fit the description of someone struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder. This disorder is a type of major depression that reoccurs at specific times of the year. It affects as many as 10% of a population that lives in a region with less sunshine. For me it started late October and would carry through until March.

It took me a few years of trying different things but I am now at a place where I am able to live my normal life throughout these months with only one or two days a month where I feel a little off.

Many people feel down in the winter. We go outside less, we feel cooped up, the sun hardly ever shines and we have to wear 10 layers of clothing to step outside our front door. Today I want to share three tips for helping you beat the winter blues!

  1. Vitamin D: You probably saw this one coming. If you live in a region like Northern Ontario, where there is very little sunshine throughout the winter months, you need to talk to your doctor about taking a Vitamin D supplement. Your body must have vitamin D to promote healthy bone growth and aid in the function of the immune system. No wonder we feel like sloths in the winter months, we barely get any Vitamin D.
  2. Exercise: Exercise releases natural endorphins giving you a boost of energy and positivity. A brisk walk on the rare sunny day, a weightlifting session at the gym or an hour at your local rink can all improve your mood. Can’t get out of the house? Something as simple as 10 minutes of squats, sit-ups and push-ups will have you feeling more positive.
  3. Socialize: Trust me, I am not in a social mood during these months. I would rather be curled up in the corner of my sectional drinking coffee and watching Netflix. I have to force myself out to see people and I find that when I do this I feel so much better! If you work mostly from home like I do, you need to create reasons to get out of the house! Go for a walk at the mall or grab coffee with a friend, don’t seclude yourself for too long!

Winter takes up about half of our year around here, don’t let it be half a year wasted!

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