#SweatingForTheWedding: I’m baaaack

I’m baaack.

For each blog post here on out, I’ll be providing you with a 3-part update (The 3 W’s) as to how #SweatingForTheWedding has been going.

The Workouts
I started the strength training program Charity put together for me the week of Labour Day. As I write this, I’m halfway through week eight! Time has flown by! I complete four workouts every week, beginning with some sort of weight lifting/body-weight movement targeting a different muscle group each time. I end each workout with cardio. Twice a week this includes either a Tabata-, Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM)-, or AMRAP-style workout, while the other two times I run, either long distance or sprints. When I first started, I was dreading the days I had to run. I was doing a variation of 30 second or 1 minute sprints, 200m or 400m sprints, multiple 2-3km runs back-to-back, etc. Day-to-day the distance or time changed, but my feelings toward it did not, however, the more I did it, the more I got used to it, and the more I actually began to not hate running…as much. Don’t get me wrong, I still won’t go for a run out of pure enjoyment, BUT when I’m done and gasping for air, I feel surprisingly good about it, especially knowing my body is able to return to my resting heart rate (~60bpm) in a very short period of time.


The Wellness
As most of you know, I also started taking a probiotic with warm lemon water every morning, in addition to omega 3 and vitamin D. Charity had told me to get the probiotic with the least amount of cultures. When I went to the store, the lowest one was 5 billion. I thought compared to 10, 20, or 50, that 5 was small. Little did I know she meant approximately 25 million! LOL. I was pretty nauseous the first time I took it, but after that my body adjusted. I’ve noticed when I miss starting my day off taking these, especially the probiotic and lemon water, I have a much higher chance of being bloated at the end of the day, regardless of what I eat. Days that I do take them, which is almost every day, I feel so much better when I’m going to bed. The recommended daily dose is three, spread throughout the day. I’m currently taking one, and will increase to two each day, and see if that helps even more. I’ve also found that the more water I drink, the more awake I am during the day. And yes, this is a thing. I confirmed it with Charity!

Girl talk right here:

When I get my period, I tend to get a few breakouts on my face (like most women do). I’ve been drinking a lot more water these past few weeks, taking the probiotic, omega 3, and vitamin D close to every day, and doing my best to avoid sugar, dairy, and gluten. During my last period, I barely broke out at all! IT WAS AMAZING! When I do give myself a treat (Reese’s peanut butter cups…my favourite), it has to be a small dose because if not, I will breakout a couple days after…just from having it that one time. I envy those who can binge on ice cream, candy, potato chips, and/or chocolate, and be just fine.

What I’ve learned so far is that I can’t compare myself to other people. Everyone’s bodies are different, and react to things different ways. I’m beginning to learn what my body likes (and doesn’t like…I still love you, Reese’s), and how much of something (Reese’s) I can have without it backlashing at me. I’m exciting to have all of this nailed down, so it becomes a routine of what I can eat, how much I can eat of it, etc. I know some people like to hear about physical changes so they can visually see if what a person is doing is working. I don’t plan on posting photos as of right now, but I can tell you all about it! So, after every post or maybe every few posts, as I probably won’t change THAT much each month, I will have a ‘physique update’ as seen below!

Physique update #1: I’ve definitely toned up a bit, and since June this year when I did Charity’s Summer Shred & Fed program I’ve gone down dress/pant sizes. I never thought I’d fit a small shirt, yet here I am. It’s hard to see change in yourself when you see yourself in a mirror every day. But when you’re no longer able to wear your favourite pair of pants to work, you notice!

The Wedding
Obviously this is the most important part of the blog post 🙂

Things are coming along. Most of the big things are already taken care of (venue, food, photographer, hair dresser, makeup artist, cake, etc.)…I know, I’m pretty far ahead seeing as I still have 10 months. But I’d rather plan it all now, and create less stress as it gets closer! Most importantly, I found my dress!! It’ll be a surprise for everyone except my mom, maid of honour, and aunt (+ her daughter) who were all with me when I tried on dress after dress after dress. But it’s so pretty!

Austin is coming to visit me in a couple of weeks. We plan on going to Moore’s to have him try on suits so we can pick one out for the groomsmen. I’m very excited to see him, as it’s been close to 3 months apart.

Thanks for following along, and putting up with another really long post!

Kayla White


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