The Holiday Binge Solution

If you clicked on this, chances are you already know what I’m talking about. It’s well known that Thanksgiving and Christmas means eating lots and lots of food. It’s part of our culture to have big dinners, potlucks and insane amounts of dessert. We’ve been partaking in this tradition since we were children and to even consider that there might be another option sounds foreign.

This year I want to propose that you don’t need to feel overstuffed or overfatigued at the end of December. You don’t need to wait until January to make a difference in your life. The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas isn’t very long and I know how easy it is to develop bad habits during this time.

I’ve developed a two week course. Super simple and beginner friendly. Over the two weeks you will learn strategies for enjoying the holidays, and the food you love, without sacrificing your health. I’m calling it Healthy For The Holidays because the holidays
shouldn’t be what holds us back from our health goals but rather an enjoyable time spent celebrating with family and friends. You will also learn some basic nutrition/health principles that you can take into the New Year with you.

The course is $25+tax and will al be conducted online through a private Facebook group. It is the last group I will be hosting for this year! If your interested you can sign up here.

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