Thanksgiving Survival Guide

My favourite holiday is almost here! I love Thanksgiving, it’s exactly like Christmas except shorter, quieter and you don’t have the added stress of buying presents.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its own challenges for those of us focused on good health. Today I want to share some simple survival tips for the upcoming holiday weekend.

When in doubt, bring vegetables: If your not sure what your options are going to be at Great Aunt Sally’s Turkey dinner, bring a plant based dish. Guaranteed there will be Turkey and potato’s, if you bring a vegetable dish you have easily created a well rounded meal.


Water is your best friend: Your drink options might be endless. Some dinners have punch, wine, beer, pop etc.. and this is where you could run in to trouble. Its easy to chug down a cup of punch and head back for a second before you even know you drank the first. Nothing wrong with having a drink, it’s when one drink turns into three that you are setting yourself up for a sugar hangover, or otherwise. Be present, taste your drink and enjoy it. After that stick with water!

Start with meat and veggies: You’ve heard me say it before. Doesn’t matter the occasion, doesn’t matter the meal. Fill half your plate with vegetables! Make it a non-negotiable. Another quarter of your plate should be protein. Load up on Turkey! That leaves you a quarter of a plate for all your favourite holiday goodies.


Eat slowly: I know your worried that your little brother is going to finish off the stuffing, but rushing through your plate will only cause you to over eat. It takes over 10 minutes for your body to signal you that it is hungry, if you wolf down a plate in 5 minutes you will go back for a second before you even realize you are stuffed!

Have dessert, don’t inhale dessert: This one goes with the above. You don’t need to skip dessert, but you also don’t need to put yourself in a sugar coma. Take a look at the options and choose 1-2 of your favourites. Enjoy them while you visit with friends and family!

At the end of the day the important thing is that you spent time investing in your family/friends. If you over-indulge, accept it as a lesson learned and make your next meal nutrient dense!

I hope you have a Happy Healthy Thanksgiving!

Eat Your Veggies!




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