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Guest Post: A Toxin Free Household

Hey there, my name is Serena Reimer, a lifestyle and nutrition blogger over at The Little Farmers Wife! A blog where I share my own health journey and struggles, create delicious recipes, share my life living on a farm and more. I was so honoured when Charity asked me to share something on her blog. She has been such an inspiration and mentor for me.

Over the past six months my household has been in a transitional period changing from using harsh chemicals and not being aware of what I had been allowing into my home, on my skin, in my hair or on my clothes. This was the beginning of my journey to create a non-toxic household.

As a Nutritionist and someone who suffers from a IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), I have always cared about what I was eating and putting in my body, but wasn’t aware of the harmful chemicals that I was putting on my body and allowing in my home. I used to be a huge fan of scented candles, lotions and cleaners, that was until I realized how harmful these products were to my health.

Unless you personally suffer from sensitive skin or allergies, most of us simply are unaware of what harmful agents are in our products. I have always tried my best to choose clean products to have in our home, but honestly, I was quite overwhelmed by ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce nor knew what they were. Once I started to research and look into common chemicals that were used in my household products and makeup, I started to examine all the products that we had in our home. With the help of the Think dirty app and, I was able to see how toxic these products were.
I was blown away….
Many of my products were labeled “natural” or “clean” but truly were marketed to deceive people like myself, into thinking that we were buying a safe product. Most of these products turned out to be no better than the average product but cost double. I was SHOCKED at the amount of “good” products from brands I trusted that were filled with chemicals.
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My goal is to inspire others to evaluate the health of their home and join me in the journey of creating a safe and chemical free home. Maybe you are looking to improve your overall health, or the health of your skin, hair and nails, or maybe you want a peace of mind about the products that you have in your home. A great way to do that is to look into the products that you use daily, see what’s in them and realize that the chemicals that are might be in those products, are being absorbed into your skin and effecting your health.

All this information can seem a little overwhelming, and honestly could be quite expensive to switch all at once. I decided to focus on one area at a time, breaking it down into different sections made is easier for me to tackle and afford.
A great place to start by is to make a list of areas in your home that could use a detox. Some of my focus areas were my laundry room, cleaning products, make-up and other cosmetic products we use all the time. These were all areas of my home, or life, that I used often and knew that they needed to change.

Do some research of your own! Try making some cleaning products out of essential oil, water and vinegar or other natural ingredients. Switch your shampoo and conditioner! This one is huge, it can actually help balance your hormones and improve the health of your skin. Try your best to avoid fragrances. I use to love candles and used them all the time. I also suffered from chronic headaches, since I have remove fragrances from our home, I have noticed a huge improvement… huge!!!

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Ladies, please switch your make-up!! Our skin is the largest organ in our body’s, and most of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream, at a faster rate than if we ingested it. When we apply products to our skin like moisturizer, foundation, blush and other products that are full of toxins and chemicals. The chemicals are absorbed through our skin and travel around our bodies through our bloodstream.

Wondering about side effects of these chemicals? Well to start, they disrupt our hormone levels and endocrine system, which makes and controls all the hormones in our body’s.
The most common endocrine disrupters that are commonly found in cosmetics are UV filters, Phthalates, Parabens. There are some serious hormonal side effects that can come with using toxic products on our skin. Thankfully there are many brands that recognize the importance of chemical free makeup and have made AMAZING products. I absolutely love Pure Anada Makeup, and have a whole post about it on my blog called My Non-Toxic Makeover, with a discount code!

Are you someone who is feeling overwhelmed at the thought of going chemical free? If you have any questions, concerns or would like more information, I would be happy to journey alongside you as you make this switch. Simply comment below or email me at

Share this post and inspire other to make the switch to create a healthy and safe home, free of chemicals!
Love and Blessings,

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