Happy Healthy Fall: Tips And Tricks

Last year I did a series on the blog called “Back To School Reset.” This year I decided to put some helpful tips all in to one blog post.

Summer is many peoples favourite season. It’s a time to travel and catch up with family and friends. With this busy season often comes BBQ’s, potlucks and parties. By the end of the summer you may be feeling loaded down with all the goodies you indulged in, fall is the perfect time to build good habits and get yourself set in a healthy routine. Let’s get started!


  1. Prepare your fruits and veggies ahead of time: This one is huge! Taking one hour out of your weekend to chop up enough fresh veggies for the week will ensure you have a healthy snack to reach for. This will also make packing lunches more efficient. Buying all your fresh fruit and having it easily accessible is a great way to encourage your kids to eat more of it!
  2. Always plan for leftovers: Always planning for leftovers ensures you have a pre-made lunch. Don’t leave it to right before work to figure out what your going to bring. Don’t get stuck running over to McDonalds and regretting your decision when you spend the afternoon falling asleep at your desk.
  3. Cook in batches: This is especially useful advice when your making a stew, soup or chilli. Always make extra and throw it in the freezer for emergency situations. There are some evenings where you just don’t feel like cooking, this way you can grab a healthy option out of the freezer.
  4. Drink Tea: When the weather turns cold its easy to forget to drink water and instead reach for the coffee pot.  Rather than increasing your caffeine intake, reach for an herbal tea. Herbal tea hydrates and keeps you warm all at the same time. Many herbal teas have added health benefits making them a much better option than extra coffee.
  5. Find a good snack bar: With so many granola and energy bars on the market it can be hard to know which ones are best for you and your family. Start by looking at the nutrition labels and choosing the bars that contain less added sugar. From there check the protein and fat content, you will want both these nutrients to keep your hunger at bay. Stay away from the fat free and grain based bars as they tend to be higher in sugar and won’t satisfy you long term.. Two bars I recommend are KIND bars and RX bars. Kind bars have a good nutrition profile and RX bars contain only natural ingredients.


These are just a few of the things you can do to improve your health this fall. If your interested in taking your health one step further, I would love to work with you! Whether via skype, or in person, I will work with you to develop a step by step plan for optimal health!

If you are a woman looking for a fun educational program to participate in, then my new program The Hormone Workshop is for you! It starts September 10th and is a 45-day all online program committed to help women reclaim their health. You can read more about that here.

I want to wish you a happy healthy fall. I hope this new school year is your healthiest yet! Have questions? Email me (Charity) at

Eat Your Veggies!



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