Getting Back on Track: Post Summer Binge

Everybody in the health/fitness community knows that January is a big month. Much of North America makes their new years resolution, usually health related, and gyms across the country up for a month or two. Then over 90% of the new gym members fade out until next year.

What you may not know is that a very similar resolution wave takes place in September. After a summer full of over-indulgence, travel and BBQ’s many people are feeling the extra 10-15lbs that they gained and resolve to do something about it. Summer can also be very busy while September forces people back on to the school schedule making it easier to get back in to routine.


Many people will tell me how they need to “get back on track.” Their intentions are good but their thinking is faulty. If we go off the tracks, its because we made a choice that resulted in our “derailment.” Yes, every once in a while their may be a tree on the tracks or engine failure, I would compare these to having a death in the family or finding out you have a serious illness. They can temporarily derail you, but it is still your choice as to how you handle the derailment.

Instead of always being on or off the tracks why not just make your decisions with intension. If you choose to have a treat, own it and enjoy it. If you choose to make poor choices all summer when you could have made better ones, own it! Take responsibility for the track you are on and then decide if you want to stay there. You are the conductor.



Maybe your thinking “that’s harsh, I have no idea how to be my own conductor.” That’s why you have health professionals. You have people that can help guide you and show you the best tracks. These are the people that can help prevent you from crashing, they see the big picture. Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Doctors, Natural Paths and many other specialized professionals are ready to help you. They will guide you but only YOU can decide what track you are on and choose to stay there.

Instead of getting back on and off the track this fall, why not invest in your health and focus on making small sustainable changes that will benefit you all year round. A diet overhaul isn’t necessary for most people, often the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference. Sit down and write out where you want to be and then figure out who/what you need to get there.

I have a new program starting September 10th called The Hormone Workshop. It’s a 45 day online program for women who want to make a healthy lifestyle change that will last long term. You can read more about it here


As always, eat your veggies!

Charity <3

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