Personal Update: My Pregnancy Thus Far

I planned on writing updates much sooner than this, it’s amazing how quickly the time is passing! Today I am 21 weeks pregnant. OVER HALF WAY THERE. In the beginning you think you have so much time to plan and make decisions, I am quickly learning that 40 weeks is not a lot of time. Here is a recap of the last 21 weeks.

Week 5-10: I experienced the classic early pregnancy fatigue. I could have slept 24/7 and been very happy doing it. Around week 7 I started to experience some nausea throughout the day, thankfully I never threw up and caught on quickly that once something was in my stomach I was OK. This all disappeared at exactly 10 weeks and I have not had any pregnancy related nausea since then. We got to see baby hulk (nick name) on an ultrasound, it looked like the cutest little blob. I haven’t had too many pregnancy cravings but definitely found it harder to eat anything but carbs during these weeks.

Week 10-14: I anxiously awaited my first midwife appointment and was not disappointed! Midwives are often thought of as something from the past but I had done my research and knew this was the right decision for my pregnancy. I was immediately set at ease and loved how it was really about how I wanted things to be. She answered all my questions and I left feeling fully confident in her ability to deliver my baby.

Week 14-20: These were some great weeks! I felt high energy and enjoyed the beautiful summer weather! Around 15 weeks I started to feel the lightest of movements from baby. By week 17 I could feel movement every day. By week 18 Dan could feel them too, we have an active one in there. At the end of week 19 I competed in a CrossFit competition with my family. We had a great time! I went at whatever pace I was comfortable with and never once experienced any pain, I had energy between events and felt good at the end of the day. I haven’t had to force myself to pull back when it comes to working out, my body does it for me!


Week 20: On the Tuesday of week 20 we got to see baby hulk again. No longer a blob but an adorable little baby could be seen on the screen. The profile she gave us reminds me so much of my little brother when he was a baby, I guess we will find out in 19 weeks if this baby looks like Uncle Eythan.


That night I became very sick. I had diarrhea 8-10 times in a 5 hour period and was dry heaving at the end of that 5 hours. I couldn’t eat or drink anything. I was having excruciating painful cramps from my stomach down through my intestines that intensified throughout the night. My husband took me to the hospital the next morning and they rehydrated me with an IV. They administered Gravol to help me keep water down for when I went home. The nurse practitioner said a bad gastrointestinal bug was going around and that it should pass in 5-7 days. Luckily it passed in 4 days. My mom helped take care of me throughout those days and took the very flattering picture you see below. Baby’s heart rate was good and my illness did not slow down its movement. It’s crazy how much you worry when you feel responsible for another life, not just your own.


We are so excited to meet this little person! We have chosen not to know the gender. There are very few surprises in life and we thought it would make things just a little more interesting. I am feeling great and the bump is finally visible and growing! I am planning to do some posts on pregnancy health, birth plans and a bunch of other topics. I am finding that it’s a touchy subject. Many women feel immediately judged if you are doing something different than them, we need to let that go and appreciate each individual journey. I also know there are many women who ache for a baby who either have lost a child or are unable to conceive. I cannot imagine your pain and I hope, whether through adoption or through a healthy pregnancy, that there’s a baby to fill your arms soon. I do not take this journey lightly and am grateful for every minute of it. 19 weeks to go!


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