The Hormone Workshop (Online)

At 16 years old I went to see my doctor about my very heavy and painful periods. At this time I could barely stand up during my period and was missing school. He immediately suggested a birth control pill. At 16 I didn’t think to ask about side effects, I just wanted my pain gone. Fast forward 7 years and I’m dealing with anemia, depression, anxiety, weight gain and exhaustion. I return to my doctor multiple times and no one can tell me what the cause of my ongoing symptoms are.

After a lot of research I started linking my symptoms to a possible hormone imbalance, mainly too much estrogen. I went off of my birth control and started making changes to my diet that would aid the detoxification of the excess hormones from my body. I changed my entire health focus and prioritized sleep and rest. Within a year I had regained my health and could not believe the changes in my body. I started to notice that many of my female clients were going through the exact same thing as me and had no idea where to begin to regain their health. The hormone workshop is the compilation of all the information and lessons I learned while rebalancing my hormones. You don’t have to be on birth control to have imbalanced hormones. Our environment, culture and diet make it almost impossible to have balanced hormones.

The hormone workshop is a 45 day online course where you will participate in open discussions with other women in the private Facebook group! You will learn how your body works and why hormones can be a blessing and a curse. You will receive an e-book nutrition guide, along with my expertise, to help you take those first steps forward in reclaiming your health. You will learn how exercise can help and hinder your progress. You won’t regret it!

Who is this course for? This course is for women who:

experience period pain, cramping and bloating

experience irregular periods

can’t lose weight

plan to get pregnant

struggle with post baby weight and mood swings

have acne

have low energy and fatigue

are experiencing menopause

Out of all the programs I have run, I think this one is the most needed. We, as women, are incredibly resilient and our health should reflect that. This program begins September 10th, you can sign up here.

Charity <3





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