The Truth About Weight Loss

I can’t avoid the topic of weight loss. As much as my goal is to help people achieve their best health, it always comes back to a question about weight loss. Weight loss isn’t a bad goal, it just isn’t always the best test of true health. Today I want to bust some myths about weight loss and hopefully give you some insight into this very popular topic.

  1. Weight loss is NOT linear: If your expecting to see a quick and steady drop in weight, don’t hold your breath. Sure, this may happen if you go on a calorie restricting diet but it will be short lived! Weight loss requires multiple changes to occur in your body at one time, for sustainable weight loss your body must be balanced and this requires paying attention to things such as sleep, stress, exercise and nutrition.
  2. Plateaus are not the end of your success: Many times I meet with a new client who has successfully lost weight on their own but is now stuck at the same number day after day. This causes them to panic and question their previous success. Plateaus are natural, its just your body making sure you aren’t going too far. If you drop a lot of weight all at once, it puts a strain on your body and also raises the amount of toxins in your blood. Having a slow but steady weight loss is ideal, a plateau does not mean you body is broken. If the plateau lasts longer than a month or two, then I recommend a few small changes that may get things moving again.
  3. Fast weight loss can be dangerous: Our fat doesn’t just store extra energy, it can also release hormones and toxins. When you lose a lot of weight all at once this can cause the cells to release more hormones and toxins than the body can handle. Fast weight loss also tends to be hard to sustain since it usually occurs by taking drastic measures. Making small changes that are maintainable is the best way to achieve sustainable weight loss.
  4. It’s not about pills and magic drinks: I realize that there are products on the market that can “help” promote weight loss, I would pass most of these products by. If you feel you need supplemental help, outside of vitamins and minerals, to lose weight, try addressing the 4 main components of weight loss first: sleep, stress, nutrition and exercise. Yes, there are some natural supplements that can help in these areas, and sometimes they are necessary, but  many products that are promising weight loss more than likely have hormone disrupting ingredients in them. I’m not saying these products won’t work but the side effects may be more than you bargained for. Always read the ingredient labels, you want to ensure all the ingredients are 100% natural.


Helping people achieve their goals, including weight loss, is why I started this business but I always try to shift their focus to overall health with weight loss as a healthy side effect. You can read about one my clients who had success with weight loss here.

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