Client Update: Sylvia Cormier

Sylvia participated in my first Nutrition Repo and proved to be an amazing student! Her willingness to experiment, and try new things, is one of the reasons she has had so much success. After Nutrition Repo, Sylvia signed up for the Heart of an Athlete program. This 12 week program gave her the individualized nutrition and exercise programming she needed to continue moving forward. One of Sylvia’s biggest struggles was weight loss, the scale would not budge. By the end of the program Sylvia had lost 20lbs and months later has kept the weight off.  I checked in with Sylvia and asked if she would share her experience. Here is her response:

I am a creature of habit good and bad ones haha. I just finished the Nutrition Repo and I wanted to stay on track and add some training in there to help build up muscle strength. I loved this program (Heart of An Athlete) because I didn’t have to do a lot of thinking for meal planning. I felt having someone take the time to understand my needs and goals and put together a meal plan for me would help keep me on track. I had recently learned, before this program that I had some dietary restrictions no dairy and no gluten, and I knew that Charity has experience with this and felt she would be able to help guide me to some great food choices. I’ve never been good at meal planning (my husband would be nodding vigorously here haha) and I wanted to get experience from Charity and this was an amazing opportunity to learn from her.

My goal heading into the program was to learn how to better meal plan. I wanted to be able to have a good understanding on what my body needed based on how much I worked out and just a general understanding of what my meals should look like. I learned you can never have enough veggies!!I also had some discussions with Charity about powerlifting and how much I enjoyed it during my CrossFit workouts. I loved the way I felt after those workouts, so we discussed powerlifting competitions and maybe looking into that in the future. I was so excited. Now that Charity had an idea on what my goals were, she would incorporate the right workouts to gain strength in the right places for powerlifting.

It took me about 2 weeks to really feel the change. The first week was hard I didn’t plan accordingly I was doing a lot on the fly so it felt like a LOT more work than I had anticipated. The following week I printed the recipes and schedule and I sat down and made a grocery list for all the meals, and I spent Sunday prepping the food. Snacks, and some meals. That week felt amazing. My veggies were ready to go, my lunches were planned with premade or leftovers from supper. I felt amazing at the end of that week.
One of the big moments for me was when I started to crave veggies. I wanted a snack of veggies. That was the crunch I wanted not the chips I used to crave all the time. I loved it! I looked forward to my bag of veggies!! I also found I started to get fuller faster, my body was happy with what I was feeding it and I noticed I wasn’t hungry all the time, I felt satisfied! It was fantastic

Something else I want to mention that I learned during this program that really surprised me! Before I even started any program with Charity I was fighting with being able to lose weight and I haven’t slept through the night in a really long time and I made sure she knew this moving into the program with her in hopes of that changing. During the program I did lose weight, but as the weeks progresses it wasn’t as much as I had hoped (we all say that don’t we?) I was stuck at the same #. I knew I was eating better and working out more but I could not get past it and it was quite frustrating. I need to mention here during my one on one session at the beginning of the program with Charity she asks me what I eat and drink and asks about alcohol. I love LOVE my wine in the evenings that’s my treat, my down time before bed, me time. After about a month or so into the program I decided it was time to cut it out and see what happens. It was pretty amazing to be honest, not only did I lose 5 lbs in the first week I also was sleeping through the night. When I mentioned this to Charity there was never a told you so or anything of the sort, it was “that’s amazing good for you.” Then she took the time to explain that wine has a lot of sugar and was a good cause for water retention. Pfft who knew right? I still love my wine but not as often as I used to now that I know the effect it has on my body.

My family was supportive but also thought I was a little crazy with the amount of time I spent in the kitchen on Sundays cooking and prepping. Yep they were right it does take quite some time on occasion but totally worth it in the end if you think about how frustrating it is to try to plan on the fly. Those moments where you are running late, oh look lunch is made already I did learn really quick though that it doesn’t have to be done in one day and the more hands involved the better. My husband however did see the changes and notice how it was nice to have meals planned ahead of time and enjoyed some of the recipes very much. He began to get on board with the prep and planning ahead he loved having fresh veggies cut up and ready to go at any moment. We continue to do our veggie bin it’s one of our favorite things in our fridge.

My largest goal moving forward is to continue to feed my body what it needs. Being in the Heart of an Athlete program really taught me how to listen to my body. I thrive so much better on meat, fruit and veggies its all about the simple things. You can spice them up any way you want but it really is that easy. Another really big goal that I have this year is to compete in my first powerlifting competition. I am at a great place health wise and that has really given me the confidence that I will be successful. Having a future goal also helps to keep me on track health wise. Yep I do still have a treat here or there but I always make sure I am back on track and never over indulge.

This program has taught me a lot. Your meals and snacks are planned for you, you can mix and match them and be successful. You can also have moments where you want to have a treat and you recognize that it’s a treat. Then get back on track so easily because your body is used to what you have been feeding it. I have honestly found that when I fall off track, or snack a little too often, my body tells me what it needs, I’ll start craving a steak or veggies, I really crave veggies.

Honestly #1 take away! Listen to your body, it knows what you need.


If you are like Sylvia was, and feel stuck in one place, I would love to help! If you would like  a personalized nutrition/exercise plan that is written with your goals in mind, email me at  -Charity <3 

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