Pregnant, Not Broken

I knew from the very beginning that I was going to blog about my pregnancy but until now I have been putting it off. It honestly doesn’t feel real, especially since I’m not really showing yet. I am now 14 weeks pregnant and have officially entered the 2nd trimester. Long before I got pregnant I started researching and following other pregnant Crossfitters on Instagram, I knew that staying active throughout pregnancy was something that was important to me. I also knew that not everyone was going to agree with my fitness choices. I want to use this new journey to educate and bring awareness to how amazing the female body is. We are not fragile little birds that could break at any moment, we are strong and uniquely designed.

I think one of the most important things to remember when you catch yourself judging a pregnant woman’s workout routine is that you don’t know her base line. You don’t know her max potential. If up until being pregnant she was deadlifting 300lbs, doing reps at 150lbs is nothing for her. She knows what her body is capable of.

Many athletes have continued to be very active during their pregnancy’s, some even competing. Here are a few examples:

Serena Williams won the Australian Open at 2 months pregnant. Arguably one of the best athletes on earth, Serena knew what her body was capable of. She has since had a beautiful and healthy baby girl.


Kerri Walsh Jennings won her 3rd gold medal in beach volleyball at the 2012 London games. She was 5 weeks pregnant and went on to have a healthy baby girl.


German snowboarder, Amelie Kober, was two months pregnant when she competed at the 2010 Vancouver games.


From the outside looking in, all of these women may have looked insane to the rest of the world. I certainly will not be snowboarding this year, mainly because I’m not very proficient at it. Amelie on the other hand had been snowboarding her whole life. For her, snowboarding would be as familiar as walking.

I know that if I have complications in this pregnancy, people may point the finger at my workout regime. Barring a tragic accident, I know that the best thing for me and this baby is to keep doing what I’ve been doing. This doesn’t mean I won’t make modifications, I already have. I have significantly slowed down my workouts because my heart can’t keep up with all the demands. I take a lot more breaks between sets. I won’t be climbing any 20ft ropes or attempting any bar muscle-ups. I am capable of these two movements but have decided that, for myself, they aren’t worth the risk. As the baby grows I will make whatever changes necessary to keep him/her safe.

As for now, I continue to keep myself in as good a health as possible. Labour is no easy task and having strength and endurance can significantly improve the experience. Just as important is the postpartum recovery, I want my body to be capable of doing it’s best work when it comes to recovery. This means fueling myself with nutrient dense food and making sure my core and pelvic floor muscles are strengthened. At the end of the day, I can’t control for all the factors but I am going to do everything in my power to support a healthy and safe body for this baby to live in. I am pregnant, not broken.

Thank you for all the congratulatory messages and encouragement! I look forward to sharing more with you as things progress.

Eat Your Veggies!


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