Summer Shred and Fed: Your Questions Answered

I have received a lot of inquires about the Summer Shred and Fed program! I am going to try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions in this post.

Will I lose weight?

Unlike most diet pills advertised on TV, I will not promise you weight loss. Every body is different and unless I can see your genetic code I cannot predict how your body will respond to this program. That being said, I can promise you that this program is designed to help educate and motivate you to keep pursuing optimal health. The healthier you become the more balanced your body will be. A side effect of becoming healthy is seeing positive side effects such as weight loss.

Will I be able to do these workouts at camp?

Yes! Level 1 involves no equipment and can be completed anywhere! You can bounce between levels depending on what equipment you have access too or choose to hang at level 1 for the summer.

I am already pretty fit, will these workouts challenge me?

Even the simplest of workouts will challenge you if you perform it properly. Level 3 is the highest level in the program and is only recommended for those that have a broad background in fitness and attend a gym. You will need to understand the basics of weightlifting in order to complete level 3. Level 2 is also very challenging but is still beginner friendly and only requires a set of dumbbells and one kettlebell, you can easily order your own set if you want to complete level 2.

Will the nutrition component be difficult to stick to in the summer?

I know how crazy summer is, I also know that food is part of the fun! I will not be asking you to give up anything, rather, you will be adding in some of the good stuff that we easily forget about when life gets busy. The smallest changes to your nutrition can have the biggest impact long term.

What if I can’t complete it all?

This is a move at your own pace program. You only participate in the parts that fit your summer schedule.

What does it cost?

$99+tax and service fee. You can sign up here


There’s only 4 days left to sign up! Have more questions? Send me an email at

Eat Your Veggies 😉



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