Spring Program: Heart of an Athlete

Heart of An Athlete

When you think of the characteristics of an athlete, what do you think of? Maybe you think of strength, speed and flexibility. Maybe you picture a muscular and genetically superior individual. When you dig deep down inside an athletes heart, you are going to find the same thing that is in all of us. You are going to find a dream. If you dig deeper, you are going to find the commitment required to do whatever it takes to achieve that dream. You will also find a coach, someone who helps lay out a clear path to achieving that dream. Behind every great athlete is a great coach. 

 I want to be your coach. This is the most interactive program I have offered thus far, combining exercise and nutrition with weekly check-ins. You don’t have to have any previous experience, but you do need to have drive and commitment. Your nutrition and exercise plans will be designed to fit in with the craziness of your unique lifestyle.  I am only taking on 5 people for this program because I want to guarantee that you get the guidance you need.

Kayla on the right in the first photo, left in the second photo

Program includes:

Initial 45-minute Consultation
12 weeks of Exercise Programming (individualized for the gym or at home)Individualized Nutrition Plan
Weekly Check-ins via Phone
Access via text and email during office hours

Cost: $499+ HST 

Valued at over $800

Interested? Have questions? Email eatreal4life@gmail.com

Don’t wait! I am only taking FIVE people!


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