Jesse Moxam: Willing To Make A Change

As a child our family’s focus was to eat like our family past. My dad was born and raised in Jamaica, and my mother was born in Canada, both with their traditional dishes respectively. So we had a mix of Jamaican and Canadian dishes. My mother tried her best to make the most of what we had and we tried to maintain what we thought was a healthy diet. Growing up one of six children however we of course had to battle for the days rations, so this made at least me eat…a lot(survival of the fittest). I was always a big kid growing up but it definitely started to show as an adult as a result of my eating problems like portion control, and type of foods I chose to eat.

I had been trying to pass the COR or certificate of results for the OPP. I had been told that my blood pressure was high at the pre testing stage. I had failed that test, but the high blood pressure stuck in my mind. I then proceeded to go to my doctor to find out what was going on with my body. It looked like a few things were going on. Some of my levels were way off, talk about a kick to the chest. The doctor on hand said that I should just try to cut back and gave me a goal of loosing 20 pounds by my next test date. I WAS PUSHING 270 POUNDS??? I decided to do some research on my own because I like challenges.

I actually stumbled onto Paleo while looking at another diet change(keto). The thing I liked about Paleo was that I could eat meat, and I guess that it made sense too. The very first thing I did was cut out pop altogether. When I stepped on the scale that first time after what felt like cruel and unusual treatment, that cruel and unusual turned to oh crap I can do this. I couldn’t believe it. After I had really cracked down and got down into the diet basics I had lost 40 Pounds for my next pre-test(which I aced, not saying it was the diet, but come on). I have lost a total of 50 pounds and seemed to have kept it off. I was given a clean bill of health by the doctor, although I still haven’t received the bill, and continue on my diet, which has really become my lifestyle now. I really don’t miss pop at all.

If your looking to make a change I would definitely see a doctor and just get a general checkup. I would rather know than be surprised. Then do your own research to see what works for you and your own body. I think diet is linked to so many things that your body does we should focus on getting it right. Hear me though, what works very well for me might not work perfectly for everyone. That is why I stress so much to do research. There are plenty of podcasts, and open discussion boards, and books available to everyone. I think seeing the state of our populous it is obvious that something is very wrong, and diet is a big part of that(and some moderate exercise).

Disclaimer: no man was harmed during the writing of this account!

Jesse Moxam

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