The Perfect Time To Start Is…………..


The title of this post is somewhat misleading. There is NO perfect time. You will always have responsibilities that require your time. You will always have relationships you need to invest in. You will always have food you need to prepare. You will always have valid reasons to say no. If you always wait for the perfect time to start, you will never start anything.


Getting started is scary, I get it. Getting started means opening yourself up to potential failure. I’m not saying you need to say yes to every opportunity/idea you have, it’s still important to choose wisely where you are spending your time. When deciding whether or not to start something new, ask yourself these questions:

Is this something I am passionate about? You already know this is important. While it isn’t necessary for success, it definitely helps!

Could this help me long term? Choosing projects that have a long term positive impact can make it worth the preliminary hard work.

Will this enable me to help others? Can you use what you’ll learn to make a difference in someone else’s life? I know many parents who feel it’s selfish to spend time working out, when in reality working out helps relieve stress and in turn gives them more patience with their kids. Sometimes helping yourself can also help others!

Do I have the support I need to be successful? Finding a buddy/partner to encourage you along the way gives you accountability. Share your new dreams with a good friend and ask them to check in on you every once in a while!

Go get started!



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