Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

I hear this question so frequently that I decided to address it here. Many times I’ve sat down with clients and had them tell me that no matter what they do, they cannot lose weight. I believe them. I’ve received private messages, texts, and emails with lists of diets and exercise regimes clients say they have stuck to religiously. I believe them.


When your car isn’t working, do you go out immediately and buy a new engine? Or do you take it to a mechanic who can take a look under the hood and tell you exactly what is going on? Hopefully you chose the latter. When it comes to health, fitness, and weight loss we tend to rely on ourselves to find the answers. Instead of finding out why our body is reacting the way it is, we google weight-loss, and pick the diet working for somebody else. We hop on the diet, or fitness bandwagon, and sometimes unknowingly making things worse. If you have a flat tire, changing the oil isn’t going to fix the problem. For years the mindset was that if someone was overweight, they were lazy and ate too much. For years doctors have told people to eat less and follow the food guide, but we have gotten more sick. We have blamed the sick person for too long without ever looking under the hood to see what is really happening. I have had multiple clients who come to me eating less than 1500 calories a day who are NOT losing weight. I have had people come to me that eat Paleo, and workout an hour a day, but still cannot lose weight. Unless I can sit down with you and dig around under the hood, I cannot begin to guess why you cannot lose weight. That being said, I have noticed some commonalities, and I am going to address them below.



This is not a female-only problem. I have had male clients who live high-stress lives, and have cortisol issues. So many things in our daily lives affect our hormones. The makeup we put on our faces, the pollution we are breathing in, the type of exercise we do, all of these things have an impact on our hormones. Many of this can be taken care of with proper rest, relaxation techniques, and a healthy diet. The hardest part for most people is this doesn’t happen overnight. It can take months to help someone properly balance out their hormones. If you’re waking up tired in the morning and feeling wired at night, you might be dealing with imbalanced cortisol levels. If you’re dealing with stubborn belly fat that won’t leave no matter how much weight you lose, you might be dealing with high estrogen. The list of side effects for hormone imbalances is long, but luckily most people can re-balance with simple lifestyle and nutrition changes. This is not a quick fix solution, but hopefully it’s a life changing one.



I cannot stress enough how important sleep is. If you do not get 7-8 hours of sleep a night, make that your goal. Sleep is important for not only rest and recovery, but for resetting our hormones. Melatonin is a natural supplement that many people use to help aid them in reestablishing a sleep cycle. You can also try shutting off all electronics an hour before bed, writing down anything that stresses you out in a journal, or participating in some bedtime yoga. Food can be a huge sleep disruption for many people, especially when it comes to food intolerances.


Food Intolerance

With 1 in 8 people choosing to go gluten free, and 60% of North America having an intolerance to lactose, it is safe to say that food affects us. Food intolerances used to be scoffed at by the medical community, but are now being recognized as one of the instigators to inflammation, poor mental health, disrupted sleep, arthritis, and a host of other problems. All of these things can impact your ability to lose weight. I have guided many clients through a two week elimination diet to help them safely remove foods that may be bothering them, and then reintroducing the eliminated foods to pinpoint the culprit. I do not recommend trying an elimination diet without the proper guidance, but when done properly it can be an important tool.

You Are Special

Anyone watch Barney, and remember this song?

“You are special, you’re the only one
You’re the only one like you
There isn’t another in the whole wide world
Who can do the things you do

Oh, you are special, special, everyone is special
Everyone in his or her own way
Oh, you are special, special, everyone is special
Everyone in his or her own way”

There is no one-size-fits-all diet or exercise regime. It’s important to look at yourself as a unique individual when talking about health. Do not be discouraged when something that works for someone else doesn’t work for you. You just haven’t found the right fit yet.  Don’t forget to enter your email in the “follow this blog” box, come January I will be sending out a newsletter once a month and announcing a BIG surprise!

Eat Your Veggies!



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