Personal Update: Good Things Are Happening!

Hello Friends!
It’s been a while since I posted an update on my own personal journey, so here it is. There is so much I could tell you about! So, in order to keep it organized and short(ish) I am going to break things up by category. If you haven’t read my earlier post about my health journey you can read that here.

My Business

Starting my own business was not easy, I opened myself up to criticism and possible failure. I was scared. I am happy to report that thus far it has been a great experience and the business is growing every month. I have a project I am working on for January that I am excited to share with you all, keep an eye out for that! I am also VERY excited to announce a partnership with 17Barbells, I’ll be involved in their programs as a nutritionist and coach. I wasn’t sure if coaching was something I would go back too but realized I really do miss it. Eatreal4life will be my main focus but I feel that coaching will only inspire me further in my mission to help others regain their health. You can find more info on the Eatreal4life Facebook page.


My Health

I originally had a whole post about this, but it was WAY too long. So here is the condensed version. I recently had some blood work done and was happy to get positive results. My cholesterols, triglyceride count and blood sugar were all perfect. When I was in University my results were not so pretty, my body was so sick that none of my results were optimal. As someone who eats the opposite of the governments recommended food guide, it was great to have results to back up what I’ve been doing. I wasn’t expecting to see such good results because I’ve been feeling under the weather the last 6-8 weeks. This summer was awesome, but very busy and it finally caught up with me. The week before my brothers wedding had a lot of late nights and the consumption of food I don’t normally eat. When we arrived home from the wedding I crashed pretty hard and couldn’t seem to regain my health. It also didn’t help that I had a severe gluten reaction the weekend before thanksgiving. I spent three days in bed and experienced about two weeks of bad anxiety. It was recommended this summer that I have some more testing done, to see if there were any red flags that could be identified. The testing came back and was very insightful. It turns out that there are two cycles in my body that do not do what they should. One of the cycles explains why I can’t absorb B12, and only further indicated my need for regular shots. The second red flag explained why I have such extreme ups and downs with my health. My body cannot eliminate catecholamines like most people’s can. This means that certain hormones in my body build up, rather than being filtered out like they are supposed to. Luckily, adding some vitamins and minerals should significantly improve this problem. Since starting the supplements I have noticed a difference, the biggest difference being that my lymph nodes aren’t swollen behind my ears, they’ve been swollen for almost two months. I also have had increased energy that seems to be building every day. I am still 150lbs and have maintained this for 5 months now. I have not focused on my weight at all and feel that this is a natural place for my body to be at. Its amazing the side effects of good nutrition.

IMG_4781These pictures are a few years apart. The one on the right is from a month ago. Even thought I’ve been feeling under the weather I am still a much healthier person than the picture on the left!

My Training Routine and Diet

Due to the above issues, the last 6-8 weeks in the gym have been tough. I don’t appear to look any different, but I definitely don’t feel as strong as I did before. My focus right now is on building my immune system so I’m just accepting where I’m at rather than stressing about it. My diet is pretty much the same as it was this summer, I still consume a ton of vegetables! I do need to put my focus back on to keeping my fat consumption up and my carbohydrates(mainly grains) low, as this seems to work best for me. The focus right now is staying healthy and happy!


Never stop pursuing health. You are worth it. I truly believe it needs to be a life long journey! There will be many ups and downs, but the better prepared you are the less damage the downs will have. If your ready to take the next step on your health journey, I would love to help.

Eat Your Veggies!


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