Back to School Health Reset: Part 5

Shop Local!

Knowing where your food comes from is a rare thing these days. Sure, the sticker may say Mexico but that doesn’t mean we know exactly where it came from. We don’t know the process that particular farmer uses to grow his food. When you shop local you can find out whatever you need to know.


Shopping local also increases the likelihood you are eating food that is in season. If it’s meat your looking for, you can find out how the farmers treat, feed and house their livestock. Bring your kids to your local farmers market, let them talk to the vendors. Let them pick out some vegetables for the week. Letting your kids be involved in the shopping process is a great way to introduce them to new foods. Help them appreciate the work that goes into growing/raising the food you are eating, it will give them a new perspective.

Eat Your Veggies


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