Back To School Health Reset: Part 4

Monitor Your Caffeine Consumption

With it being a very busy time of the year, many people will increase their caffeine consumption. The average amount of coffee consumed per day is 3.6 cups per person I personally know people who drink a lot more! Some people are very sensitive to caffeine, some people can barely tell they have had any. Caffeine can be a very useful drug, but like many drugs it is often abused.


Tired? Have a cup of coffee. Afternoon slump? Have a cup of coffee. Pulling an all nighter to study? Have a cup of coffee. Often we use caffeine to mask the symptoms of exhaustion. It seems like an easy solution to a very common problem. What you need to be aware of is that masking symptoms is not a solution. If you constantly increase your caffeine consumption to mask your exhaustion, your exhaustion will get worse. Instead, try to figure out what the cause of your symptoms are. You may need to plan an earlier bed time to get more hours in. Maybe you have stress in your life that is disrupting your hormones causing you to feel tired. Take a look at your environment and ask yourself what you can change that will help you feel more energized. Often there are factors we can’t control, let those go and focus on the ones you can! There is nothing wrong with enjoying a cup of coffee, just ask yourself if your using it as a crutch. Here are a few ideas for decreasing your caffeine consumption:

Slowly replace with decaf: this is a great solution for those who enjoy the taste of coffee. If your someone that adds in more sugar than coffee, you don’t like coffee. If you have 2-3 cups a day, try replacing one of those cups with decaf for a week or two. When you feel ready try replacing another cup with decaf.

Replace with herbal teas: With stores like Davids Tea becoming so popular, it is easier than ever to find a tea flavor you enjoy. Experiment with new flavors and you may surprise yourself with what you find.

Eat Your Veggies!


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