Back To School Health Reset: Part 3

If you missed Part 2, you can find it here

Get Moving!


With summer holidays coming to an end it is likely that stress levels are going up. A great way to manage stress, and improve your health, is to exercise. Often when we think of exercise we picture a one hour gym session that leaves us gasping for air. When I say exercise, I am talking about anything that gets your heart rate up. If your fairly sedentary, a walk may be enough to accomplish this. If walking doesn’t cause you to break a sweat, it’s time to find something that does. Check out your local gyms for class options, don’t be afraid to try something new. If your a homebod, or find it difficult to carve out time, complete a simple at home workout. I’m posting an at home, and walking, workout example below. Keep in mind that you should speak with a health care professional before beginning a new exercise routine, especially if you have a pre-existing condition.

In 10 minutes complete as many rounds of the following as possible:                                   10 Push-ups :these can be wall, or chair push-ups if necessary                                                  10 squats: If you have never done a squat before a good starting place is simply sitting      down to a chair and standing back up                                                                                              10 Tuck sits: start by lying on your back and then sitting to a tucked position, for an          easier version sit in a chair and raise your knees to you chest.

20 min walking/jogging                                                                                                                       Alternate walking and jogging between telephone poles. Each telephone pole is about 50m apart from the next. If this becomes easy, increase it to two telephone poles. You will be jogging the full 20min before you know it. Keep in mind, jogging is not a suitable exercise if you have a bad hip, knee or ankle. If you have had previous injuries you should speak to a health professional before beginning a new routine.

If you are looking for some guidance in this area, check out our exercise services here

Get Moving!



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