Eatreal4life: A Big Announcement!

As many of you know, Eythan and I started a YouTube channel.You can find the link to it at the bottom of this post. As soon as he returns from his honeymoon we will be posting more frequently. The YouTube channel started with a passion to share our love for health with all of you. We both spent a number of years in the fitness industry, and while we have branched out, we still have a passion for exercise. I had been contemplating offering personalized exercise programs since starting the blog, but was focused on school and getting my nutrition diploma. Recently, Eythan and I put our heads together and decided that we should combine our love of fitness. Eatreal4life will now be offering personalized exercise programs to suit your unique goals. We hope to expand into a separate website in the next few months, but for now I am happy to host it here.

If you’r interested in finding out more you can email or drop me a Facebook message through the Eatreal4life Facebook page.

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