UG Series 2017

This weekend I attended the UG series in Collingwood Ontario. I decided a few months ago that this summer I would sign up for a few extra competitions, so when the opportunity presented itself I jumped at the chance. A few friends of mine from the gym usually enter a team but they needed one more girl, I was happy to fill the spot. If you ever get the chance to even just watch the UG series, I recommend you do! It a huge event with over 900 athletes competing over 3 days. There are so many divisions to choose from that literally anyone could find a category to compete in. We entered in Semi-pro, this is just one category below RX. This meant that our weights were the same as the RX division but we would not be asked to complete certain skills like Muscle-ups and Handstand Push-ups.


When we arrived on Friday we drove down to the pier to check it out. There was a long row of vendors selling all types of fitness gear and accessories. I may have spent a dollar…..or two. After seeing the venue, I was even more excited as I haven’t attended an event that felt so professional since Regionals 2013.

Event 1 (this was actually event 4 but because of the size of the competition we all couldn’t start on the same workout)

12 min workout
first 5 min:
Men rotate through 100 foot farmers carry and 100 foot gladiator sled push
women: Max Calories on assault bike
then we had 2 min to switch to the women weights while one of us continued on the assault bike and then the women completed 5 min of the rotation while the men continued to build up calories on the bike

I didn’t mind this event at all. The weights were not that heavy for me so when it was my turn I was able to move quickly through the rotation. After 5 min, the gladiator sled did start to get cumbersome. It’s an awkward movement and we had never done it before but at the end of the day this event was scored as 2 separate events. Event 1A was total reps with the strongman equipment and 1B was the assault bike. We got third place on 1A making it our best finish of the day!

Event 2- aka Charity almost drowns

We were excited about event 2 because it was the most CrossFit like workout.
it was a team relay with guy/girl pairs. Kris and I would run out and do the movement and then run back to tag Whit and Jon so they could do it. We went through 6 lateral jump squats, 8 thrusters, 10 burpee box jumps and 12 pull-ups in sync with our partners. Once this was completed the entire team had to do a 50-foot swim. Initially I thought this would be no problem as I was a Triathlete before getting into CrossFit. Swimming has always been effortless for me and I did not anticipate it being an issue whatsoever. BOY WAS I WRONG. I’m still not sure what happened but my guess is I went into a bit of shock. After running through the first round of movements I was very hot and then had to jump into a very cold lake from about 2+meters up. I had no problem on the jump in, but as soon as I came up to take a breath it became evident my lungs were not working. I have only experienced this one other time when I went into shock on a roller coaster ride and thought I was having a heart attack. It didn’t matter what I did I could not breathe. I could feel myself starting to panic but knew from my lifeguard training 10 years ago that panicking would be a sure way to make things worse. The Raft was only about 10m away so I told myself “You don’t need to breathe to swim that far, just get to the raft”. I don’t know how I got to the raft, I honestly thought I might drown right there. Somehow I made it and pulled myself up onto it like a whale and lay there for a few seconds. I still couldn’t quite take a full breathe so I got back in and slowly made my way around the raft and back to shore. Within seconds of climbing out and having the sun on me I was able to continue. Like I said, I have no clue what happened in that moment as I am an excellent swimmer and natural floater. Make of it what you will. We made it through another full round of the movements and then had about 10 seconds where we could have jumped back in the water but both I and Whit were not about to do that so we high fived and waited for the buzzer. As far as fluidity goes this was our best WOD. Both pairs moved well together with some fatigue setting in on the 2nd round. We were very happy to finish third in our heat.


Workout 3 (Whit’s inner beast comes out!)

This is a tricky workout to explain but here it goes. Again, this was a guy/girl pair workout. It starts with Kris and I doing 10 Squat cleans with a Kettlebell in each hand. We both thoroughly enjoyed this as we both love strength work. After we had done 10 in sync with each other we ran 50 feet and tagged Jon and Whit who then repeated what we had done. When they had come back to tag us we all grabbed a KB and lunged 10 feet in sync with each other. This happened 5x until the workout was over or you got time capped. Going into this workout Whit was concerned about the Kettlebell weight. Us ladies had to use 35lb KB’s. Total this equals 70lbs which is about 65% of Whitney’s overall body weight. I was so impressed by her determination, the last two rounds got particularly rough but she kept fighting While there was some screaming and KB throwing, she never once gave up!


Workout 4 was called “choose your poison” Again it was guy/girl pairs
It started with Whit and Jon completing a 5 min amrap of 5 C2B and 50 DU’s. It didn’t matter who did what and they could switch at anytime. They worked well together as a team and stepped in to help one another whenever necessary. Once their 5 min was over Kris and I had 5 minutes of 10 atlas stone to shoulder and 15 push-ups. It was quite painful but SO FUN! once that was over we immediately went into team synchronized over the bar burpees. After doing atlas stones and push-ups my shoulders did not want to do burpees but never the less we completed 26 synchronized burpees with absolutely no no-reps. This is a huge accomplishment as many teams had 5-6 no reps within the two minutes.


The UG Series did not disappoint. I loved every second of it. The whole day ran smoothly like a well-oiled machine. I could not have had a better team, we were all there to do our best and have fun. Even when we got behind or one of us struggled the others were there to pick us up and keep us going. I am very particular about who I am on a team with because I always want it to be a positive experience! I would be on a team with these three any time!

Health Update:

I felt amazing all day. I did not once crash and even three days later only have a bit of soreness in my forearms reminding me of the weekend. My post wod recovery has been amazing lately and I attribute it to an overall healthier lifestyle with a huge emphasis on nutrition. Drop me an email/facebook message if your interested in talking more! I also want to do a little shout out to my husband, Dan, who always attends these events with me and took all the photos in this post!


Eat Your Veggies!





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