Nutrition Hacks: 101

Every week I sit down and decide what I’m going to write about. Every once in a while it’s been a long week, and I draw a blank, but most of the time I have too many ideas. I have so many things I want to share that it makes it difficult to focus on one topic. This week I thought I’d combine a few, and bring you my first edition of Nutrition Hacks. Nutrition Hacks will be a quick read and/or short video giving you some useful tips for keeping your nutrition on track. I hope you enjoy!


Start Your Morning With A Glass Of Warm Lemon Water

I try to do this every morning I am home. While lemon is considered an acidic fruit, when it is digested it helps restore the body’s natural ph balance. This gives your stomach a head start on the day, and prepares your body for digestion. Having it before your morning coffee helps ensure you start the day off with a focus on hydrating. Coffee can block the thirst receptors making you less likely to crave water while lemon water will often make you thirsty so that you want more water. Lemon is also useful for supporting liver function. In today’s day and age with pollution, junk food, hormones, and stress we need to keep our focus on a healthy liver so it can continue to handle all toxins.


Hungry? Eat Your Vegetables First!

This is something I often do! If I am super hungry before a meal I eat my veggies first. Rather than wolfing down the rest of my meal and having no appetite for my vegetables. Vegetables contain many of the micronutrients the body needs, and it is important to get a large amount of them every day. I even eat them with breakfast. I am not a natural breakfast eater, but I do add something green to my plate when having breakfast. Adding vegetables to your breakfast is a small step that can have a big impact!


Eat Your Veggies Whole!

I tell people all the time to pre-prep their veggies ahead of time, but many people don’t like taking the time to do so. If that’s the case then eat them whole! Peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, tomatoes, etc., can all be eaten without being cut up. I don’t know why we feel the need to overcomplicate everything. Make sure you give them a good wash first!
Eat Your Veggies





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