Embrace Your Strength

I have muscles. In the CrossFit world I don’t have big muscles, especially considering I’ve been weightlifting for 8 years. I’ve always built lean muscle and putting on bulk would require a lot more work on my part. In the regular world some people do think I have big muscles. Even when said as a sly remark I always choose to take it as a compliment. What those people don’t know is that these muscles are  symbol of the health I have achieved.


When I started CrossFit I couldn’t do a push-up. Not one strict push-up, I know this is widely accepted in our society under the assumption that women aren’t as strong as men. It bothers me now, a push-up is a very functional movement. We all fall down, it makes sense we should be strong enough to catch ourselves and push ourselves back up without having to roll our way up to a standing position. Same goes for a pull-up, I know that ,without a doubt, I could lower myself out of a window without letting go. I could also pull myself back up over the ledge. I may never have to do that, but I like knowing I can. If my husband and I were on a hike and he suffered some form of trauma, I could carry/drag him out of the bush. If our apartment was on fire I could help get people out. If Grandma needs help moving her T.V. she only needs to call me. She doesn’t need to call a crew. If someone tries to come up behind me and attack me, I’m confident I will put up a good fight. If I break away from them I know I can run for a good distance. My muscles are a symbol of the healthier/safer life I am now living. They aren’t for show, they aren’t to scare people. They are the result of many hours in the gym preparing my body to endure whatever life throws at it.



The above picture really embodies what I’m trying to say. In this photo I’m encouraging a good friend of mine. She started CrossFit just over a year ago and this photo is from her first competition. She isn’t fighting through these squats because she wants to look good. She isn’t fighting through these squats for the fun of it. She is fighting through these squats because she knows it will make her better. When she first started squatting, she thought an empty bar was hard. In this photo she completed 30 unbroken front squats at 65lbs. She is training for life, training to be a better version of herself.

We have accepted subpar health for far too long. I think its time we give the human body the respect it deserves. God gave us the ability to run, jump and lift. He gave us the ability to build stronger muscles and bones. We owe it to ourselves and our families to always be working on bettering ourselves so that when the time comes and we are needed, we can confidently do what we need to do. I am happy with where I am at, but I will always strive to be better.

Keep getting better!


If your ready to start working towards a better you, contact me. You won’t believe what you can accomplish!

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