Why I chose To Start A Nutrition Business: A Leap Of Faith

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Starting my own business is scary, small businesses are not often known for their success. They come and go, often with money lost and little reward. Just this week a small health business in my hometown closed without warning. It’s always sad to see a small business close. I knew going into it that it would be an uphill battle, first I would have to complete more schooling. After that I would have to get the important things lined up like registration and insurance. On top of all that I would have to develop a business plan and program all on my own. Then, I would have to put myself out there, in a town somewhat resistant to change, with no one to blame for failure but myself. These are just some of the many realities facing small businesses but I knew I had to try.

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A Jumping Off Point

I knew I had to try because I’ve been here before. I’ve been at the jumping off point with my health hundreds of times over the past 10 years. I’ve met hundreds of people who are at the jumping off point. The jumping off point is when you’ve done everything you know to do, but it isn’t working. After a period of time you often have to take a leap of faith and try/trust something, or someone, new. We are not meant to walk these paths alone, but often with our broken medical system that’s exactly what ends up happening.  We used to live in communities where we would have all come together to help solve each others problems, but now we often have to swim against the current alone. I believe this can change, I believe we can build a better system that benefits the people rather than the governments pockets. It’s not going to happen today, it probably isn’t going to happen for years but it certainly won’t happen if we aren’t willing to put our words where our mouth is and start doing something about it. I want to know that every person has been educated on how the body really works, and I want to know that they have been given the tools to make the best possible health choices for themselves. This doesn’t mean everybody will make the best choices, but at least they will know their options.

Why Nutrition?

There are so many areas of health I could have chosen to specialize in, but when I looked at our broken health care system and thought about what I could do that would make the biggest difference, nutrition was my best option. Ive specialized in exercise before, and I still plan on offering some expertise in that area but without proper nutrition you cannot reap the full benefits of exercise. Sleep is also very important, but that would have taken more time and money than I have to give in order to educate myself. I chose nutrition because what we eat is the foundation of our health. We cannot build good health on a faulty foundation. Proper nutrition can help motivate you to exercise, improve your sleep and ultimately change your life for the better.


Are you Building On A Faulty Foundation?

If you are trying to build good health on top of a bad diet, its not going to work. The structure may stand for a short time, but eventually it will come crashing down bringing with it the small progress you may have made. If you’re ready to start building a base for success I think the words of Ben Bergeron sum it up nicely:

“Eat whole foods. Not too much. Most of it plants.”

If you are looking for further guidance, I am here to help. If it is just a little encouragement you need, I am here to help. If it’s a lifestyle change, I am here to help. Nutrition is the base of my health, and I want to share it with the world

Eat your veggies!


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