Why We Need A Revolution NOT A Resolution


The New Year is upon us! Every year we celebrate the fact that we get a fresh start. Truthfully nothing has changed but we comfort ourselves with the fact that we have a new calendar year to make a difference. We write, recite and share our plans for the future with our friends, and then most of us slowly, but surely, forget why we chose them in the first place and go back to living our lives the exact same way we did the year before. There are many definitions for “Resolution” but I think this one fits the present scenario best


a resolve; a decision or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.

I like it. There is nothing wrong with making a decision to change or improve one’s self or making a decision to help more people, or do a better job. The problem with a resolution is that it is a decision to act, not an action itself. I think that when it comes to our health, we need a REVOLUTION.



a sudden, complete or marked change in something

While the word Revolution is a noun, its definition implies that a change has occurred. Not just a thought, a CHANGE. What changes are you going to make this year? This is why the word revolution is more fitting, it implies that a resolution was made and then followed by an action.  I want you to think about the resolutions you made last night, and write down an action that is required for each of them. You will also want to make sure that the action is measurable. By being measurable you have a way of knowing if you are accomplishing your goals. For example

I will go to the gym more often


I will exercise for 20mins a day Monday through Friday. I will keep a journal to measure my improvements. 

The first is a great thought but it doesn’t give you a way of measuring your success. The second gives you a plan of action and a method for tracking and measuring your success. Remember, you can’t always control the outcome but you can control your actions. Think about a 5km race, you can’t control what any of the other competitors are doing; you can only control what YOU are doing.

The great thing about this mindset is when you have a plan of action, even if you fail, you know where to get back on track.

Let’s go into this year with a plan of action and lets put it into action starting right now! Let’s make 2017 a year of improved health!

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