There are many basic nutrition principles that apply to everyone BUT we cannot ignore that we are unique individuals and what may work for Sally next door is not necessarily what will work for you! If you feel like you have been spinning your wheels when it comes to health and nutrition, 1:1 nutrition coaching is for you!

The Original- 6 weeks

This is a great package for those who have a general knowledge base of nutrition but want to take their health to the next level with habit building and lifestyle changed for their unique nutrition needs.


– Initial Consultation – Three follow up calls – Personalized Protocol – Recipe Packs – Ongoing support

Total Cost: $549+tax

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The 6-week package can be a good starting point but the biggest success stories come from working with Charity for an extended amount of time. The 12-week package gives you time to make changes, readjust and see the fruits of your labour. It takes more than 4 weeks to build a new habit, even longer than that to truly see the pay off.

All In: 12 weeks

This is a great package for those that know accountability is a must when making big lifestyle changes! Charity will walk along side you for 12-weeks, holding you accountable to the changes you want to make!


-Initial Consultation -Five follow up calls -Personalized Protocol -Food diary review -Weekly food guide and recipe pack -Ongoing support

Total Cost: $999+tax

Still not sure if this is the right fit for you? Here are testimonials from past CEN clients.

“Highly recommend! Charity is very knowledgeable and kind in her approach. She isn’t too pushy and gives you the guidance you are wanting, and makes your goals easily attainable to fit your lifestyle. “

– Amanda

“Charity’s ability to create customized protocols and plans for each of her clients needs is amazing! it was a pleasure working with her for 9 weeks! I haven’t felt this good in years and it was all thanks to her!”

– Jami

“Charity has a no-gimmick no-nonsense educational approach to nutrition with an emphasis on your health and a healthy mindset surrounding food. She is non-judgmental and works WITH you not AT you on your discovery of personal optimal nutrition using whole foods.”

– Carolle

“Charity is a knowledgeable, dynamic, energetic force. Perfect to help kick-start or ease you along your nutrition/fitness goals. Working with Charity is like working with a friend who always gives it to you straight.”

– Diane