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My Mission

My mission is to help women reclaim their health, without fad diets or extreme fitness plans, using evidence based fitness and intuitive eating.


Interested in working with me? Fill out the CEN client intake form and I will respond ASAP with how I can help you! Don’t worry, if we aren’t a good match I will refer you to the proper health care professional!

Hi! I’m Charity!

Mom, wife, Certified Nutritionist and entrepreneur!

Twelve years ago I was hit with an unidentified illness. It left me bed ridden and barely able to walk down the driveway. I went from being a vibrant teenager to an achy, underweight and depressed 15 year old.

Over the years I have had to be my own best advocate. When the medical system said they could not help me I started doing my own research, determined to heal my body and reclaim my health.

This sent me on a rollercoaster ride of weight-gain, weight-loss, mental illness, nutrient deficiency’s and SO many diets!

My relentless pursuit of health payed off and I am now healthy and thriving!

I never want anyone to feel the way I felt, hopeless.  I am here to help you navigate your own health journey and find what works best for YOU! 

Nutrition Services

My programs are not a one and done process. You work with me for a minimum of 6-weeks to ensure we have the time to dig deep into your health and find the best approach for you!


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             Certified Nutritionist-BSc Exercise Science.   

Nutrition Consultation

You are a unique person and as such have unique needs. Working with Charity ensures you find a way of eating that works for your lifestyle and goals.